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ashwaterAshwater is a British engineering manufacturing company specialising in replacement chromium-plated castings primarily for classic and vintage motor cars. The products range includes lights, covers, boot and bonnet hinges, door handles, horn grilles, escutcheons, mascots, badges, cast trim, windscreen side or centre pillars and scripts.
Cast in a range of newly-developed alloys, these have excellent physical characteristics and are polished and plated to extremely high standards of finish.

Our customers typically, are the major car restorers, spares factors, car clubs and kit-car manufacturers. A wholly British company, we are based in Devon along with our sister company, Zeus, which manufactures braking systems for classic cars. Our products are manufactured on site using both traditional toolmaking techniques and state of the art laser scanning and CAD/CAM. The Company regularly exports to Europe, California, Florida, North America and Australia, making Ashwater a truly Global Supplier.

All Ashwaters' products are supplied fully machined and ready for assembly and the company regularly supplies non-plated castings such as door hinges, thermostat housings, etc.

We also offer a small range of beautifully crafted steering wheels.

Please note that unless listed as a 'Promotional Item', Ashwater components are currently only available through all good Classic Car Spares Retailers, direct to the Trade or via an order through the appropriate Club Spares Secretary.

Minumum order value of £100 applies.

Please ring for a catalogue.

AC Cobra, Armstrong Siddeley, Alvis, Aston Martin, Lagonda, Austin Healey, Austin, Bentley, Berkeley, Lambourghini, Ford, Fordson, Healey Tickford, Hillman, Humber, Isetta, Jaguar, Jenson, Jowett, Lambretta, Lancia, Lotus, Marcos, Metropolitan, Mercedes, MG, Mini, Morris Minor, Morris

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Please email us for information on individual items, or if you would like a brochure of our existing products please put 'brochure' in the subject box and it will dealt with immediately.